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TO THE CLASS OF US 鐘聲響起 (2024) 

My second year film at Calarts. On high school graduation day, two friends learn how to say goodbye to the past -- and most importantly, to each other.


RUSH HOUR 繁忙時間 (2023) 

My first year film at Calarts. During rush hour after another long day of work, a man accidentally falls into the platform gap -- only to realise that there is another world out there.


LOST. (2023) 

My one week film at Calarts. Our theme this year was "lost", so I decided to make a film about the “lost” emotions I felt moving to a new country by myself at 17, and hopefully to let those who feel similar that they are not alone.


Fishball Noodles 魚蛋麵 (2022) 

In a Hong Kong style cafe (Cha Chaan Teng), a young girl runs into some problems when ordering a bowl of fishball noodles. Inspired by my favourite childhood cartoon 'Mcdull' growing up.


Count to 10 十秒倒數 (2021) 

I remember discussing in my high school psychology class that anxiety isn't talked about as often compared to stress and depression. Thus, I decided to make a short film to shed more light on this topic, and that anxiety can affect you not only mentally, but physically as well.


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