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Personal Story Sequence: Drama/Emotional/Heartbreak/Romance

Under the vivid neon light signs, a girl realises the truth behind her relationship.

Untitled_Artwork 4.png

Calarts Story Class Assignment: Comedy/Lighthearted/Romance

We were given the prompt 'date' for our story assignment. Thus, I decided to make a lighthearted story of a cat being catfished by a

Untitled_Artwork 5.png

Calarts BFA1 Film Storyboard: Drama/Slice of Life

During rush hour after another long day of work, a man accidentally falls into the platform gap -- only to realise that there is another world out there.


Personal comic, based on the emotions I felt after returning back home during Christmas 2023. Read from left to right!

I dance too! Some gesture drawings of me dancing to kpop ♪

OMG newjeans dance study!
More dance gesture drawings!

Sketchbook pages of my homestay in Shizuoka/Tokyo Japan during summer of 2023.

Thank you for reading! ◡̈
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